About Me

Hi, I'm Patti. In 2009, I began this blog with the original title of "Wounded and Healing" and with the purpose of chronicling my healing from a rather disastrous experience as a rookie pastor.

All those posts are still available, and you're welcome to read them. You can find most of them by clicking on the label "SJ Experience" on the right sidebar. I am still healing from that experience. Truth be told, I probably won't be fully healed this side of heaven, and I've accepted that.

However, thanks be to God, I've experienced so much healing that I don't feel like "wounded and healing" is an apt description for me anymore. Over the past few years, God has reminded me of Whose I am, and who I am...and most importantly, brought me to a place where I could hear and answer the call to return to local church ministry. I have served two appointments as a solo pastor. I am currently serving as the Associate Pastor at a mid-size congregation. I am ordained in the United Methodist Church.

In the area of random trivia, I am married to a man I call "Harry" (I use pseudonyms for everyone except myself and my dog) and we have two beautiful children who I'll call "Nora" and "Walter". We also have a Labrador Retriever mix named Simon. We live in Virginia.

Join me on this journey.