Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sometimes Computers Make Me Mad

I'm pretty computer-savvy, but sometimes I just get stumped...or maybe the machine gets stumped. I just tried to add my friend Christopher's blog to my blog list. However, I couldn't do it because silly Blogger couldn't get the "feed" for it. So, I went over to his blog to try and get the feed, and I don't think the ancient computer at the hospital liked that very much. I'll have to try again when I get home. That won't be until tomorrow afternoon, because I'm on call tonight. In the meantime, I've put Christopher's blog down in the "Links" section.

By the way, welcome to Lent! If you want to read a great devotional on Lent, head over to my friend Chris Howlett's blog. Come to think of it, I should add him to my blog list. Maybe Blogger will let me do this one...

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Pastor Joelle said...

I have that same problem adding blogs. And then I'll try it again the next day and it works. Very odd.