Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Five: All Things New

The Rev Gal Blog Pals are focusing on "new" things for this Friday Five. So, here are five things that I especially like when they are new:

#1 is Snow. Although it hardly ever seems to snow anymore here in Virginia (I can't think of a single substantial-3" or more-snowfall in the past three years), I just simply love the look of a world that is blanketed in new snow, with no footprints or tire tracks yet.

#2 is Babies, specifically other peoples' brand new babies (not that I don't love my own, but there's something about being able to hand a newborn back to Mom or Dad). There's something about holding and/or gazing at a baby that is only a day or two old. It makes me feel closer to God.

#3 is Clothes. I love seeing my newly-purchased clothes, not washed yet, and with the tags still on them. Of course, these days the clothes I buy are more often than not for my daughter and not for me.

#4 is pies, cakes, and casseroles right out of the oven. So perfect, so warm, and so delicious-looking. It sometimes seems a shame to break that perfect visage in order to eat it.

#5 is Puppies. So snuggly, small, and soft...even the giant breeds are small at six weeks old or so.

I'm on-call tonight and if I get any pages (which I hope I will, since I don't really get paid unless I receive and respond to a page), tomorrow's post will probably mention that. In the meantime, TGIF!!

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Songbird said...

A new weekend! I hope you enjoy it.