Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feedback needed; Hospital Visitation

Commandments of Hospital Visitation

DO NOT visit if you are sick or think you are becoming sick.

DO always wash your hands with either soap and water OR alcohol-based hand sanitizer:

· Before entering a patient’s room.

· After leaving a patient’s room.

· After using the restroom.

· After touching anywhere on your face.

DO NOT share information about the patient’s condition to ANYONE without the consent of the patient and/or next of kin (spouse, parent, child, or designated person).

DO NOT give the patient anything to eat/drink without the consent of their nurse or primary caregiver.

DO follow all instructions posted in the hospital and outside the room. Examples:

· “Please go to nurses’ station prior to entering room.”

· “Isolation precautions” (usually means patient has an infection and you need to put on a gown, gloves, and maybe even mask before entering room)

· “No visitors” (unless the family has told you otherwise; best to check at nurses station)

· “Wash hands with soap and water” (usually means patient has C. Difficile, a very nasty germ that is not removed with hand sanitizer)

DO NOT sit on the patient’s bed.

DO respect visiting hours, especially in the intensive care units (ICU).

DO keep your visit brief, unless your instincts say otherwise.

DO relax and follow your instincts.

DO keep in mind that it’s all about THEM and not about YOU.

DO cover the uncovered…it makes things better for everyone.

DO pray, or at least offer to pray, for the patient and family.

DO knock on the door (and wait for a response) before entering.

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