Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the Hamster Wheel of Life...

Mom update: She's doing fine, and we're all adjusting to a "new normal" that is actually fairly normal. She started chemo six weeks ago, but the only side effect has been fatigue. So, she takes it very easy for the first few days after treatment and then pretty much resumes her normal life. She's on a two week on, one week off cycle and goes on Thursdays. She leaves for a two-week trip to western Canada (taking a train trip from Calgary to Vancouver) a week from Monday. When she comes back, she'll begin participating in a clinical trial drug in addition to her regular chemo, so she'll have to go two or three times a week. But that trial will only last for a few months. All in all, her quality of life is very good right now and we're feeling pretty calm and optimistic after a rather tumultuous spring.

Family update: Nora loves being a big sister. She is talking a blue streak, using 4-5 word sentences and expanding her vocabulary daily. She is also HUGE. She's slender, but is tall (probably 38") and weighs about 33 lbs. She'll be three in August and we have her signed up for preschool in the fall. She's still not potty-trained, but I figure it will happen eventually. Walter is adorable, healthy and growing, but very high-maintenance. He seems to be strong-willed and spoiled versus high-needs, so I'm beginning to lay out small amounts of "tough love" that will, of course, increase as he gets older. Example? The other day I was over at my parents' house, and my mom was holding him while I was eating lunch. Walter started screaming. his. head. off. It sounded like he was HURTING or something. After several minutes, I had enough and grabbed him to see what was wrong. He immediately calmed down. So now when he does that, I just reassure him and let him be for a few minutes. He does have reflux (and is on medicine for it), but it seems to have gotten better. Ironically, he seems to do better on lactose-free formula than on my breast milk (even though I gave up both dairy and caffeine for a while, with no improvement). So, for the time being I pump twice a day and use that milk to mix with his cereal, and give him formula for the rest of the time. It makes me feel better to know that he's getting SOME "liquid gold" in his diet. He slept through the night for a whole month, and about six weeks ago abruptly stopped. Now he wakes up at least once a night to be fed. We've started him on solid foods, tracked his liquid intake, and even tried sleep training...all to no avail. So, I'm drinking a lot of caffeine and hoping that he'll begin sleeping more soon.

Vocation update: I'm still loving my part-time chaplaincy gig and have had some interesting experiences that I hope to blog about. I'm also doing a wedding in October and am really excited about that. In June, I watched about a third of my provisional class be ordained deacons/elders and had mixed feelings about that. I was proud of them and celebrating with them for reaching this milestone. However, I also felt a little wishful and jealous...because I wanted to be up there with them, but wasn't for a variety of reasons.

I want to blog more, but life is so crazy right now with two kids. I never seem to be caught up on housework, no matter how hard I try. That reminds me, I need to unload/load the dishwasher, run a couple loads of laundry, and iron. Ta-ta!

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Mompriest said...

I remember those days of young kids and crazy busy life. Gald that all is going as well as possible at this point.