Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Exhausted

Physically...because even at one year old, Walter still does not sleep through the night on a consistent basis. Yes, we've tried sleep training. No, it didn't really work. Also, I'm on call every Monday night and every Saturday night, and the pager has been really really busy. I don't remember the last time I went a night without a call. Good for the bank account, but bad for my body and sleep needs.

Emotionally...because all this healing/growth crap is really wearing me out. I feel like I'm constantly having to do CPE with myself. There's also the fact that I have two young children, and Nora is a very engaging, playful child...who WEARS ME OUT. Oh yeah, and then there's the emotional roller coaster I've been on over the past year with my mother's breast cancer (good news: she should be in remission, but we'll know for sure on March 1).

Spiritually...because right now, I feel like God is a coach who keeps asking me to "step it up" to the next level. Just when I get to a point of surrender and think that I can rest for a while, some new nudging/revelation happens.

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