Saturday, June 11, 2011

Something (Sort of) Humorous

This happened a few months ago, but I thought I'd share it here, since I still think it's ridiculous/hilarious. 

I'm on the rotation to serve as a liturgist at the 8:15 service (which is the traditional service). We normally attend the 11am service, which is contemporary. Therefore, not everyone at the early service is familiar with me and my family. Lizzie (worship person) has us do two Sundays in a row when we are the liturgist, and there are enough of us that we only do it every three months or so.

So, I do my liturgist thing for two Sundays in a row, and receive rave reviews from the congregation, blah, blah. It was fun. The next Wednesday, Mac and I meet for an hour or so in his office. As I'm leaving, his administrative assistant (who I'll call Callie) tells me that she just got off the phone with someone who asked if I was Mac's WIFE, presumably because we "looked/worked so well together." Of course, Callie corrected this individual, but I was speechless nonetheless. Mac just laughed (for the record, he is married, to a woman I'll call Helen. Helen is gorgeous and is probably a size 8 when she is bloated. She is also a lovely person, based on the limited interactions I've had with her).

Later, I sent Mac an e-mail with my delayed reaction. In case someone ever asks that again, I'll simply say, "No thanks, I prefer men my own age." Mac is over 10 years older than me. His children are grown. 

But really, I just laugh and wonder at the ridiculousness of this person's comment. During that service, we may have briefly spoken twice (for 20 seconds or less), I may have looked at him three or four times (for cues, and of course I was looking at him while he was preaching), and the only time we touched was when he SHOOK MY HAND in the back of the church, after the benediction, thanking me for helping out.

Sheesh, from all of that, where did this person get the idea that we were MARRIED?


Anonymous said...

As an associate I've actually heard that comment a couple of times. The trend I've noticed:

1. They're visitors
2. They're older

There are some traditions where women are in ministry only because their husbands are as well, and so I imagine that some people just assume that any male-female team leading worship would therefore be married - otherwise, what would I be doing up front if I wasn't riding the coat tails of my husband?

I actually have one member who can't bring himself to call me "Pastor Sarah" but calls me "Sister Sarah" instead. Sometimes old habits die hard?

Trust me, it was nothing you or Mac did. Remember, if the person speaking with the secretary had been part of the life of that church for a while wouldn't they know who Mac's wife really is anyway?

Terri said...

Funny, awkward, but funny.