Sunday, February 15, 2009

To Eliminate Confusion: The Cast of Characters

It ocurred to me that since I'm using code names for just about everyone (except my dog-his name really is Simon), it might make sense to have a post that clarified who is who and whatnot. I'll add this to my sidebar, so it's easy to find.

I'll also take a minute to mention how excited I am that traffic has picked up in the past few days! Part of the reason is that I shared the address with a few close friends/colleagues. However, I think I've gotten some hits from other people. That excites me, and I hope this upward trend continues.

On to the cast of characters:

Harry = My husband of almost eight years. He's a software developer for a government contractor.
Nora = Our daughter, born in summer 2007.
Simon = Our dog, adopted in fall 2006 when he was a puppy. He's a black Lab mix.

Residency Folks:
Henry = My CPE supervisor. He's also UM clergy.
Danny = Fellow resident.
Sandy = Fellow resident.
Kitty = Office Coordinator
Jane = Staff chaplain
(we also have five interns, who I may mention from time to time. But I'll either use their real names or simply first initials)

SJ (the church to which I was appointed):
E = PPR Chair #1 (July 2008-January 2008)
L = PPR Chair #2 (January-May 2008)
N = Lay Leader #1
J = Lay Leader #2
B = Treasurer

I hope that will help clear things up.

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