Monday, July 13, 2009

On a Happier Note

Thanks for your responses to my previous post. I've decided not to go to the funeral. It would be a long and exhausting trip for me, and I have a feeling that the whole day will be a blur for S. Plus, I'm willing to bet that it will be a packed house. They've both been in the area for four years, have served in our annual conference for 25+ years, and S's family does not live too far away. They have four children who all live within a three hours drive. Plus, both J and S are well-liked people. I could be wrong, but I'd be surprised if there were less than 200 people present for the funeral. My presence would be appreciated, sure, and if I was closer there would be no question of my attendance. But I'm not feeling a NEED to go to the funeral. Instead, I bought the most innocuous sympathy card I could find (man! those things are filled with platitudes!) and will write S a note with a few of my memories/thoughts on J and assure her of my love and prayers. If I mail it Wednesday, she'll probably receive it on Friday, and she'll be able to take the time to read it and absorb it.

Moving from death to new life...all five of you who commented were dead-on (although I was fairly obvious). Harry and I are expecting #2, due on or around February 24. We found out on Father's Day and were totally surprised, since we were both still on the fence about whether to have a second child. Obviously, God has taken that decision out of our hands. After a brief period of shock (Harry grabbed a crystal tumbler and downed two fingers of vodka; I told him to have some for me), we are very happy and excited. It's early (i'm just barely eight weeks), but I'm not very good at keeping mum when it comes to my own life, and I wanted to be able to write about the pregnancy, even if something does happen.

I'm feeling OK...experiencing consistent nausea and fatigue, but able to function normally for the most part. I think my feeling yucky on Friday was more due to a 24-hour bug than from the pregnancy itself.


mompriest said...

Well at 8 weeks you are almost out of the woods regarding "anything happening" other than the obvious next 7 months of growing rounder....and if it does, well, nothing to be done about that either (as one who has been down the road of losing a pregnancy at 9 weeks and then going on to having two more completed pregnancies, or uhm, babies.)

Enjoy this time as you prepare for a second...I love having two kids even though there are days I'd also love to have just one - and it can go either way which one I'd clain as mine (LOL).

Love your friend who lost her husband. Just love her, that will be the most important and will hold true regardless of the past.

Songbird said...

Ah, many blessings to your expanding family! Take good care of yourself.