Monday, August 17, 2009

Good News and an Oops?

Last Tuesday, I had an interview for a PRN (as needed/overnight call) chaplain position for two hospitals in a local health system. I enjoyed the interview and really liked the two men in charge of the respective Pastoral Care departments. I felt good about the interview, but you never really know, and they had other people to interview still.

Today, I found out that they liked me too, and have offered me the position. It's very part-time; I'd be on call one or two nights a week and then I might be called in to work a regular daytime shift if someone (one of the full-time or part-time people) was on vacation or sick. I'm really excited, because it fits my needs very well. I have the opportunity to keep my feet wet and earn some money while still spending time with my family.

Here's the catch; I didn't tell them that I am pregnant, and am now wondering a) if I made a major gaffe and should tell them immediately or b) when to tell them at all. I didn't tell them right off the bat because a) I''m not out of the first trimester yet, b) I didn't want it to influence their decision in any way, shape, or form. Truth be told, I didn't spend much time thinking about it; I pretty much automatically decided not to say anything during the interview.

Now that I've gotten the job and have actually done some research on "when to tell the employer", I've seen a lot of people suggesting that I SHOULD have told them up front. Of course, most of the advice I've seen applies to full-time jobs with benefits and the like. I'm deciding what to do. I can tell them ASAP or (my preferred method), wait a few weeks until orientation is over and I've done a few on-call nights and have "proven" myself initially.

I would like some advice. Here's some info for you:
-I will be 12 weeks pregnant on Wednesday.
-I am not showing, and am still in regular clothes.
-I plan on keeping this position for the indefinite future; definitely for at least a year.
-I was planning on working until I give birth, barring any complications.
-I was planning on taking four weeks off (again, barring complications), mostly so Junior and I can get the nursing thing down and he/she will take a bottle from Daddy. This will be unpaid.
-Both of the department directors have wives/children/grandchildren and seem to be very flexible and collegial.

If you were me, what would you do? Thanks!


Songbird said...

I wouldn't wait too long to tell them. I think it's legitimate to say you weren't telling anyone until after the first trimester, but I wouldn't wait any longer than that. You have an idea in mind for what you want to do when the baby is born; they need a chance to weigh in on that, too. Six months is as much notice as they would have gotten even if you were already employed there, so hopefully, that will seem like enough to them.

Songbird said...

Ha! My confident two cents worth! In my defense, I got pregnant with my oldest shortly after starting a new job and waited until 13 weeks to tell my boss.

God_Guurrlll said...


No advise to offer, but I do congratualate you. That is wonderful!