Monday, November 30, 2009

NaBloPoMo: I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is November 30, which ends NaBloPoMo. With one exception (this past Friday, when I was just too exhausted from Turkey Day), I posted every single day for a month. I'm glad I did it, as tough as it was some days to come up with a topic. First of all, my traffic has doubled, even tripled some days (the day that my blog was featured on RevGal's Wednesday Festival I had TEN times my normal traffic). Second, I've found writing some of these entries to be a very cathartic experience, and have greatly appreciated the feedback I've received.

I won't be posting every single day anymore, but do hope to post at least a few times a week. My mission for this blog is two-fold; that it will continue to be a conduit for my continued healing and growth, and that my experience will help others who may be in the midst or aftermath of a similar experience. I know it's meant a lot to me to read other blogs, "hear" the experiences of others, and know I'm not alone. I wish that I had had this blog back when I was going through the SJ fiasco, because it might have helped me. Oh, well.

Anyway, happy Monday!

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Mompriest said...

blogging has been healing for me too! Glad to have met you in this space.