Thursday, January 28, 2010

Better Now, and an Update

I'm feeling much better now. I saw my mom today, and she's in better spirits than yesterday, too. The oncologist and surgeon seem to be fairly optimistic from what I can tell, although we'll know more tomorrow after the MRI results are known. Incidentally, they didn't do a full-body MRI scan. Instead, they just focused on the breast area. And I guess the surgeon wants to wait and see what he finds when he does the mastectomy on February 25.

I gained a little perspective when I remembered that Mom has been seeing her oncologist every 3-6 months, getting bloodwork and full-body scans done. Her last scan in August was fine, as was her bloodwork. So, chances are that this recurrence was caught early enough that remission should be expected. It will be tougher on her, I imagine. since not only is she having a more invasive surgery (mastectomy with reconstruction vs lumpectomy) but that any chemo or radiation they give her will probably be slightly stronger. However, I no longer have the crippling fear that my children won't get to know their maternal grandmother. Yes, cancer is unpredictable, but for now I have confidence that she'll be around for a few more years.

The other major update I have is in regards to Junior. I had an OB appointment today, along with an ultrasound to check his size. It appears that Harry and I breed giant babies. Nora was 7 lbs 10 oz at birth, and has stayed in the 75th-95th percentiles for height since birth. It appears that Junior will be no different. In fact, he's out to show up his big sister. His CURRENT estimated weight is 7 lbs 2 oz. At 36 weeks, folks. He also apparently is swimming in more than the usual amount of amniotic fluid. Not officially "too much", but more than normal. Apparently this increases the risk of "cord accidents" and the like. Therefore, Junior and I will be subjected to non-stress tests every Monday and Thursday until delivery. And they're playing it safe and scheduling an induction on February 9.

The good news about the early induction is that my mom can take care of Nora and support us for a few weeks, while still having time to rest before her surgery. Of course, I now have TWELVE DAYS to get things ready for Junior, when I thought I had almost a month. And I am worried about the remote possibility of Junior developing a "true knot" in the cord or getting the cord wrapped tightly around his neck, since he has so much extra room. Prayers for that would be welcome. However, the doctor didn't sound TOO worried, and I got the feeling that the NST's and early induction were to be on the safe side of things. If he was really worried, I imagine he would have given me a few hours to pack and arrange for Nora's care before checking into L&D. Right? I hope so.

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Mompriest said...

If he were really worried you'd be in the hospital at this moment. And just as a case in point, when my son was born 18 years ago he had the cord around his neck, twice. Of course back then we didn't know that until I had pushed his head out and the doctor said, "STOP"...which I had to do for several contractions while they unwrapped the cord. He was and is fine. attentive but don't over-worry. Somehow all will be well. Prayers for you...and your mom...and all your family.