Thursday, December 23, 2010


One week from today, I have a meeting with my District Superintendent. It means exactly what you think it means...that I'm trying to discern whether or not to seek an appointment this year. It's a God thing...and I would appreciate your prayers.

I'm working on the sermon for January 2, and hoping and praying that my pastor does indeed come through (as he said he would) with an e-mail about details for that Sunday. I'll breathe easier when that happens. But, if he doesn't for some reason (SIDE NOTE: I am notoriously bad about returning e-mails when I get busy/overwhelmed, and since people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, I tend to be fairly understanding) I have a Plan B for getting the information I need (it involves calling the church office on Monday and doing the legwork myself). I'll just feel better once I get the information.

And of course, I'm putting myself under all sorts of unnecessary pressure about this sermon. I realize how ridiculous it is, how I need to merely focus on being faithful to God, to the Word, to the process of preparation. However, I keep having this fear that I'm going to totally BOMB, and I want so much for this to go well, for it to be the kind of sermon that knocks peoples socks off. My plan is to send a CD of the worship service to my D.S., so I have this need/want for it to be the best sermon I've ever preached. It may not be, of course. I would, however, like for it to be good enough that the DS watches it and goes, "oh, well, she can preach, can't she" and that my pastor asks me to preach for him again.

I'm also working on an account of my time at Saint John's for the D.S. I'm on my third version, because I just can't keep it relatively brief and also complete.

And I just finished Christmas shopping today, and probably won the Worst Mother of the Day award at the pediatricians' office because Walter was crying the entire time (he wanted a nap and a bottle, but I had forgotten to bring a bottle) and he wasn't even the patient. Nora was the patient. She's fine; she might have a UTI but we're going to ride out the weekend and see what happens.

I'm hoping to finish the sermon in time to post it here for feedback. So, stay tuned.

Oh, and pray for me at 10am on the 30th, will you? Please? This sort of terrifies me.

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Terri said...

Oh yes....I understand the hope and dreams here and the's hard, isn't it? I hope the Spirit brings you peace and helps you trust that much of this is out of your control and being yourself is all that is needed. ((wounded and healing))